Victor Pinedo, Jr.

Victor Pinedo, Jr. is President of Corporate Transitions International. He has been a consultant in organizational change since 1969, and he is the creator of Organizational Architecture, an effective program for organizational transformation which is being used in many countries in the world today. 

Mr. Pinedo's experience in the business world is as extensive as it is deep. He became CEO of the Coca-Cola bottling company in Curacao at age 23, and continues to be actively involved in the management of his family companies, the VEPS Group, Inc. He has consulted for Shell Oil, The Bank of America, Hardees Food Systems, Petroleos de Venezuela, and several Coca-Cola Bottling Companies, among others. His work has brought him into contact with the cultures of a variety of countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Holland, Italy, Mexico, Venezuela, as well as the United States.

He has bean the lead consultant in various projects which had as an intent the merger of people from different cultures into one new Company.

Examples are the merger of The Shell Refinery in Curacao which had a predominant Dutch and Antillean Culture the Venezuelan Petroleos de Venezuela forming the new ISLA Refinery.

Other projects included the creation of Internexus , an International language academy out of Yazigi, a Brazilian Company and EIE , a group of English schools in the United States.

He worked on the integration of the Brazilian staff, and the North American and European staff in TRITEC, the joint venture between Chrysler and BMW in Brazil. He has been a member of the Young President's Organization.

He is presently working on creating a new culture for the fusion between ABN AMRO (Holland and Banco Real Brasil). He became a member of the Young President's Organization at the age of 28, and has held the offices of Director and Senior Vice President International in that organization.

In addition to this background, which has given him a unique understanding of business all over the world, Mr. Pinedo holds a Masters' Degree in Psychology and has completed the coursework towards a Doctorate in Business Administration. He is fluent in Dutch, Spanish, and English and has a solid working knowledge of Portuguese and French.

His publications include "Using Loevinger's Ego Stages as the Basis of an Intervention Model" (University Associates) and "Ego Stages as the Basis of an Intervention Model" (in Group and Organization Studies).  Mr. Pinedo is currently writing a book on Organizational Architecture, to be available in early 2002.

Some of Mr. Pinedo's speaking engagements include:


The Young President's Organization Hong Kong University


Arthur Lipper's Association of Venture Founders


American Society of Travel Agents


American Society of Association Executives


Young President's Organization, San Fernando Valley Chapter


The Third Conference of the Great Cities of America


The World Future Society's Sixth General Assembly: "Future View, The 1990's and Beyond."